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Showing our existing customers why They Rule

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Summary | 9 Annotations
2020/09/25 00:42
offer replaces the current in-market NBN offer
2020/09/25 01:03
offer replaces the current in-market Credit To You offer.
2020/09/25 01:03
you can offer customers a promo code on a higher plan than what was recommended (but not a lower plan).
2020/09/25 01:08
on the same recommended plan
2020/09/25 01:09
The customer must be in the same tenur
2020/09/25 01:09
Is the device in the NBA offer interchangeabl
2020/09/25 01:10
Question: Can I offer a customer a handset if t
2020/09/25 01:10
2020/09/25 01:10