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, testing for and confirmation of infection with COVID-19 is conducted via oral swabs. But in a study published in Emerging Microbes & Infections, Chinese scientists report evidence of an oral-fecal transmission route for COVID-19 viruses and show that, in hospitalized patients, viral RNA was found in anal swabs and in blood samples.
2020/02/21 00:40
the timing of positive swabs changed. On the first day of illness, 80% of oral swabs were positive in a small group of patients, but by day 5, 75% of anal swabs were positive for COVID-19 virual RNA, and only 50% of oral swabs were still positive in the same patients with lab-confirmed COVID-19.
2020/02/21 00:41
They also warn that a patient with negative oral swabs after several days of illness may still be capable of transmitting the virus.
2020/02/21 00:41
Patients who experienced symptoms for the more than 10 days were more likely to have underlying health issues.
2020/02/21 00:42
In a study from The Lancet Infectious Diseases, meanwhile, investigators detailed the first case of COVID-19 in a Vietnamese woman who acquired the virus in China. The woman lived in Wuhan for business for 2 months in December and January and did not report visiting the Wuhan seafood market or having close contact with any person with influenza-like symptoms.
2020/02/21 00:42