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Summary | 6 Annotations
But along with some of the more unsavoury anecdotes - unwashed blankets and filthy drinking water, for example - emerged some interesting and even useful insights about air travel.
2016/11/03 09:40
clinical study conducted by Lufthansa found that 'fluctuating air pressure of aircraft cabins makes passengers crave acidity and saltiness, which tomato juice satisfies'.
2016/11/03 09:41
Some pilots get distracted by their laptops and cellphones during flight,' she wrote, adding: 'Pilots make mistakes all the time about airspeed, altitude, landing, etc. But they're corrected on time and therefore they never tell anyone about it.'
2016/11/03 09:42
Your coffee is made of the same water coming out of the bathroom sinks. And most of them have a hundred times bacteria over the govt limits.' 
2016/11/03 09:42
Do not ever drink water on an aircraft that did not come from a packaged bottle.
2016/11/03 09:42
Middle seats are the seats that fill up last on flights, so if you’re travelling in a pair, select window and aisle and have a good chance of having an empty middle seat if the flight is not full
2016/11/03 09:43