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Summary | 21 Annotations
Most first-time developers actually ignore marketing
2019/01/28 03:53
The major problem most startups face is marketing and the ability to carve out a niche
2019/01/28 03:55
Create a website on your domain name and start publishing great content
2019/01/28 03:56
This time is better spent on building an audience and talking to actual people you are trying to serve.
2019/01/28 03:57
nal PR and getting press mentions is not as efficient and cost effective for startups
2019/01/28 06:48
but it’s not a long-term solution
2019/01/28 06:48
aid advertisin
2019/01/28 06:48
it’s not a long-term solution
2019/01/28 03:58
Social media is definitely not a very reliable communication channel. Due to the different algorithms in place, you rarely get more than 10% of your total audience to see any message that you post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others.
2019/01/28 04:01
Most people who discover your startup are not ready to buy straight away. They need time and may need your product only in the future. Each new email address that you add to your mailing list is a new lead and a new prospect for you or for your sales team
2019/01/28 04:01
experiment with messages that show up depending on how long a user has been on site
2019/01/28 04:02
how deep the visitor has scrolled down the page or even showing a message on exit inten
2019/01/28 04:02
Share your journey with the audience
2019/01/28 06:23
Use tools such as BuzzSumo to research relevant content that’s shared the most in social media, or to find the content that works best for the competing companies.
2019/01/28 06:25
What are people searching for on Google that’s relevant to your industry and things you know a lot about
2019/01/28 06:26
2019/01/28 06:45
Publish original research. Look at the data you have access to that others
2019/01/28 06:49
original research
2019/01/28 06:45
Reach out to all the sites that have published different tools or apps or resources pages relevant to your produc
2019/01/28 06:49
2019/01/28 06:49
How to post
2019/01/28 06:56