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Five lessons from Virgin's collapse

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Summary | 8 Annotations
it made a profit only once over the past 10 years
2020/04/20 22:16
low-budget airline into a full-service competitor to Qantas.
2020/04/20 22:17
more than 60 per cent
2020/04/20 22:18
about 10 to 15 per cent more efficient than Qantas a
2020/04/20 22:19
32 per cent market share of all available domestic seats
2020/04/20 22:19
Qantas picks up the customers.
2020/04/20 22:19
Virgin Australia chairman Elizabeth Bryan and her colleagues on the board deserve praise for the way they have handled the dying days of the company
2020/04/20 22:20
He believes many companies have gone into administration and have emerged stronger.
2020/04/20 22:21