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Fake-News Sites Inadvertently Funded by Big Brands

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Summary | 5 Annotations
Ads from companies such as Choice Hotels, SoundCloud and Bose Corp. appear on sites with false or misleading news. Those companies are among thousands of brands that could appear on such sites based on a user's browsing history or demographics.
2016/12/08 11:08
Well-known brands' appearance on fake-news sites reflects the complexity of online advertising, where computers can place a different ad each time a user clicks on a webpage
2016/12/08 11:08
Last month, AppNexus pulled its ads from the right-wing news site Breitbart because of what it said was hate speech on the site. Some big brands, including food company Kellog Co. and insurer Allstate Corp., have blocked their ads from appearing on Breitbart. Breitbart didn't respond to a request for comment.
2016/12/08 11:10
SoundCloud said it hasn't tried to block its ads from "fake or parody news sites" but is now exploring whether it should. Choice Hotels and Bose didn't respond to requests for comment.
2016/12/08 11:10
an independent ad-fraud researcher, said the recent changes are unlikely to force fake-news sites out of business. Because ad-tech firms make money when ads are shown
2016/12/08 11:11