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Summary | 8 Annotations
The Bahamas are famous for sun, sand—and swimming pigs.
2017/03/13 16:06
Veterinarians who visited the site found large quantities of sand in the deceased animals’ stomachs, which Bethune says may have been caused by a recent influx of visitors throwing small amounts of food on the beach.
2017/03/13 16:07
The pigs have been on the island so long, they are used to foraging for natural food,” Bethune says. The pigs would only go the beach for an occasional treat.
2017/03/13 16:08
with the increase in tourism, the pigs are relying on humans more than ever.
2017/03/13 16:08
We found their natural source of water had dried up, so there wasn’t much fresh water on their island to drink,
2017/03/13 16:08
We believe it’s a combination of factors that lead to the death of the pigs.”
2017/03/13 16:09
The swimming pigs have populated the island for decades, but their actual origin is somewhat of a mystery.
2017/03/13 16:09
According to that ranking, dolphin tourism and shark cage diving, both popular in the Bahamas, have negative impacts on wildlife.
2017/03/13 16:10