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Summary | 24 Annotations
The force of magic flows in two directions
2019/08/28 14:26
“energetic magic
2019/08/28 14:26
“ritual magic”
2019/08/28 14:26
f sacred power
2019/08/28 14:27
, magic evokes mystery at the limit between the ordinary and the extraordinary.
2019/08/28 14:27
f magic as mana
2019/08/28 14:28
mana refers
2019/08/28 14:29
derive from a proto-Oceanic word
2019/08/28 14:29
“force of nature”
2019/08/28 14:29
2019/08/28 14:30
g spiritual power that takes different forms
2019/08/28 14:33
o Oceanic cultures, mana forms an active transferable magic
2019/08/28 14:34
Magic participates in the reality that it alters. It is both symbol and substance, and therefore indefinable.
2019/08/28 14:35
. Redemption from the arid air of modern life was there, waiting, awakened by the weird, the uncanny, and the surreal.
2019/08/28 14:37
in both ritual and energetic manifestations
2019/08/28 14:42
arising from the mind itself.
2019/08/28 14:42
drew directly from the energy of the imagination
2019/08/28 14:44
energetic and unpredictable
2019/08/28 14:44
embraced the pleasure of material substances and the contradictions of the dream state,
2019/08/28 14:45
Surrealists used this dormant residue of magic in a new way, merging it with their broad knowledge of non-Western belief systems and images
2019/08/28 15:57
s the mind
2019/08/28 15:58
. The surrealists uncovered magic as the material embodiment of imagination itself.
2019/08/28 16:03
. Surrealism grasped the countervailing tendencies of psychoanalysis, with its investigation of the origins of the mind, and of occultism, magic, and ritual, and employed the principles of sympathetic magic as defined by Sir James Frazer and other mythologists
2019/08/28 16:03
excavate the source of creative energy, the origins of love, and the impulse for imagination.
2019/08/28 16:10