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Internet-Famous Pets

By Summer Wilson

These pet parents have created a business around their animals—the business of making you smile. Their pets’ hundreds of thousands of followers on social media are a by-product of their original goal: bringing joy and laughter to friends (and then fans).  

We traveled to Los Angeles and met with Hamlet the Piggy, Norbert the Dog, Geordi La Corgi, and Jess Rona to learn the secrets of pet fame. None of them set out to break the Internet. More often than not, fame happened naturally—nonetheless, it’s a big responsibility that they don’t take lightly.

A photograph of the famous dog Norbert
A photo of the famous pig Hamlet the Piggy, in a unicorn costume
A photo of the famous Geordi La Corgi

Norbert, Hamlet the Piggy, and Geordi La Corgi—scroll down to watch a video featuring these charismatic creatures.

In addition to providing a daily dose of escape, these adorable animals bring awareness to brands and rescue organizations, do philanthropic work like volunteering at hospitals, and often donate their earnings to charities that their humans are passionate about. Their fame has also had the power to catapult their humans to different careers and life paths.

Using Adobe products like Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Mix to refine their content, perfecting the art of taglines and hashtags, and keeping their fans and followers wanting more are all part of the job.

An image of a standard poodle being blown dry at a groomer, photo by Jess Rona.

Click to watch this video and learn more about these pet influencers—and their humans.

A big thank you to Julie and Mark Steines, Aiden and Onesimus, Melanie Garcia, Jess Rona, The Assembly Café and Alfred’s Tea House

May 12, 2017

Senior video producer / director: Summer Wilson

Senior creative director: Dan Cowles

Director of photography: Donavan Sell

Gaffer / sound recordist: Arthur Yee

Editor: Julie Caskey

Colorist / sound mixer: Michael Burton


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the business of making you smile.
2017/08/21 01:23
the secrets of pet fame.
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these adorable animals bring awareness to brands and rescue organizations
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Adobe Photoshop
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Photoshop Mix
2017/08/21 01:27