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Summary | 6 Annotations
California wildfires have created apocalyptic scenes in wine country, where firefighters were still battling blazes on Thursday morning.
2017/10/13 10:23
A series of massive wildfires spread through the counties of Napa, Sonoma, and six others early this week, destroying at least 3,500 homes,
2017/10/13 10:23
The situation is considered one of the deadliest fires in state history. At least 31 people are reportedly dead, and another 463 people are reported missing in Sonoma County
2017/10/13 10:23
On Monday, videos and photos on social media showed fires burning out of control in Sonoma and Napa, moving through vegetation, buildings, roads, and mobile-home parks.
2017/10/13 10:24
As many as seven fires ignited on Sunday night and grew as hot, dry winds — with gusts of up to 70 miles per hour — carried the flames from ridge top to ridge top in Napa.
2017/10/13 10:25
Mary Caughey, center in blue, reacts with her son Harrison, left, after finding her wedding ring in debris at her home in Kenwood, California, on Tuesday, October 10, 2017
2017/10/13 10:26