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Illusion Alphabet Bookmarks by PHAIdesign


Shanghai-based PHAIdesign’s latest project has them revamping the bookmark into something you’ll want to keep around. The folded clip Illusion Alphabet Bookmarks let you choose which letter or letters you prefer, whether it’s your initial, your child’s name, a memorable phrase, or anything that is special to you. Much like tattoos or necklaces with initials, letters are often used to represent our memories, just like these bookmarks can. Place them in a birthday card, in your favorite book, on a gift, and the bookmark will evoke memories based on what the letter stands for.

Each rounded letter bookmark features a cool pattern inspired by the optical illusion art of Victor Vasarely from the 1960s, making them little pieces of art on their own.

The bookmarks are made from stainless spring steel so it has some give when papers are being inserted into it. It’s then treated with an electroplating technique to give it a copper coating.

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