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npm 是什么?

npm 为你和你的团队打开了连接整个 JavaScript 天才世界的一扇大门。它是世界上最大的软件注册表,每星期大约有 30 亿次的下载量,包含超过 600000 个 包(package) (即,代码模块)。来自各大洲的开源软件开发者使用 npm 互相分享和借鉴。包的结构使您能够轻松跟踪依赖项和版本。

下面是关于 npm 的快速介绍:

npm 由三个独立的部分组成:

  • 网站
  • 注册表(registry)
  • 命令行工具 (CLI)

网站 是开发者查找包(package)、设置参数以及管理 npm 使用体验的主要途径。

注册表 是一个巨大的数据库,保存了每个包(package)的信息。

CLI 通过命令行或终端运行。开发者通过 CLI 与 npm 打交道。

用 npm 可以 . . .

  • Adapt packages to your apps, or incorporate them as they are.

  • Download standalone tools you can use right away.

  • Run packages without downloading using npx.

  • Share code with any npm user, any where.

  • Restrict code to specific developers.

  • Form virtual teams (orgs).

  • Manage multiple versions of code and code dependencies.

  • Update applications easily when underlying code is updated.

  • Discover multiple ways to solve the same puzzle.

  • Find other developers who are working on similar problems.

These are just a few examples of ways developers use npm. If you'd like to add a bullet point, comment here.


To find packages, start with the npm search bar.

While browsing, you'll find:

  • node modules, which can be used on the server side.
  • packages that add commands for you to use in the command line.
  • packages that can be used on the front end of websites.

(To understand the difference between node modules and packages, click here).


For example, suppose you wanted to use bar codes (QR codes) in your application. Rather than spend weeks figuring out how to do this, why not see if someone has posted a package that creates QR codes? Start by entering a value in the search bar:


Related options will appear:


Or, click, to filter the possibilities even more:


When you choose a package to explore, more information appears. This information is written by the package author(s) so details vary.


Now, you can read the developer's instructions to discover how to use this package.


Now that you know what npm is, and a bit about how to use it, it's time to get started. Install npm. We look forward to seeing what you will create!


To learn more about npm as a product, new features on the way, and interesting uses of npm, sign up for our newsletter at npm-weekly.

To explore additional features that you might wish to use as your project evolves, click here.

Last modified February 24, 2020           Found a typo? Send a pull request!

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