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Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

November 18, 1805


Novr. 18th Monday 1805

a little Cloudy this morning    I set out at day light with 10 men & my Sevent, Shabono, Sergt. Pryer odderway Jos. & R. Fields Shannon Colter, wiser, Lebiech & york    proceeded on Down the Shore from the 1st point [1]

N. W 6 miles to a lodge at the enterance of a river [2] on the Std. in the
middle of a boggey Bay
S. 79° W. 7 miles to the mouth of a River    old Cabins open bogs above
for 2 ms. back we Call after the nation Chin-nook River [3]    from
this river to Camp Point is
S. 64° E to Bluff Point (a small Island in a nitch of the Bay in the Same
Course) is
S. 20° W. 1 ½ miles    psd. a to Cape Disapt. is South—    To point adams is
S. 22° E—About 25 miles—    passed a part of a fish about
1 mile above I supposed to be a Grampass— [4]    The men
killed 4 brants & 〈we〉 Lab. Killed 48 pliver of 2 different
kinds yellow & black legs—    I had them picked cooked and
we Dined on them.
S. 80° W. 1 mile to the bottom of a nitch at a branch from a pond
South 8° W. to an Isd. in the 2d nitch    from this passed 2 points in the
Course    To the center of the 1s Nitch a run is 1 mile    To the
do. of th 2 do is 1 mile
Flounder (starry flounder, Platichthys stellatus),
November 18, 1805, Elkskin-bound Journal
Missouri Historical Society

At a run & Island near the Shore here the Traders ancher & trade. [5]    we passed at each point a Soft Clifts of yellow, brown & dark Soft Stones [6] here Capt Lewis myself & Severl. of the man marked our names day of the month & by Land &c. &c.    from this S. W. 3 miles to the Iner pt. of Cape Disapointmt passed a point & 2 Small nitches    (Reuben Fields killed a Vulter) [7]    we found a Curious flat fish Shaped like a turtle, with fins on each side, and a tale notched like a fish, the Internals on one Sid and tale & fins flat wise    This fish Flownder [8] has a white 〈belly〉 on one Side & lies flat to the Ground—    passed from last nitch across to the ocean ½ a mile low land    the Cape is a high Partly bald hill, founded on rock, I assended a high Seperate bald hill [9] Covered with long corse grass & Seperated from the hight of Country by a Slashey bottom 2 miles S. 60 W of the Cape—    thence to a 2d Grassey pt is N. 50° W. 2 miles, Those hills are founded on rocks & the waves brake with great fury against them, the Coast is Sholey for Several miles of this Cape & for Some distance off to the N W a Sand bar in the mouth.    Sholey Some distance out from the mouth    The Coast from the Cape N W is open for a Short distance back then it becomes thick piney Countrey intersperced with ponds

Area about Cape Disappointment,
ca. November 18, 1805, Elkskin-bound Journal
Missouri Historical Society

Point addams is 〈S. W〉 S 20° W about 20 miles    the Course on that Side bears S 45 W. I cannot assertain the prosise Course of the Deep water in the mouth of the river, the Channel is but narrow. I proceeded on up above the 2d point and Encamped on the Shore above the high tide, [10] evening Clear, for a Short time. Supd. on Brant and pounded fish    men all Chearfull, express a Desire to winter near the falls this winter.—

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killed a verry large turkey buzzard which had white under its wings, and was nine feet from the points of the wings, and 3 feet 10 Inches in length, and everey way proportined.
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