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Summary | 5 Annotations
Oversized coats, loose-fitting trousers and comfortable, almost gym-worthy, sneakers seem like the thing across all ages.
2020/07/09 04:20
. I’m on my phone a lot while travelling for work, mapping out my trips and keeping up to date with social media, so the few hours extra boost is a real lifesaver.
2020/07/09 04:20
How about a beer at To Øl’s Brus bar followed by pizza at Bæst? It’s a winner any day of the week; really lovely interiors, relaxed vibes and a wide selection of food and drinks.
2020/07/09 04:20
Go for an early-morning jog down by the river followed by hearty porridge portions at Grød.
2020/07/09 04:20
the open sandwiches at Aamanns Deli are unreal. Order for the table and share everything so you can sample a range of toppings.
2020/07/09 04:21