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Control Foundation expansion Cat puzzle: Find all Maneki-neko Statues

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Mar 26, 2020
2.37K subscribers
This guide shows you how to find all 8 Cat Statues, or Maneki-neko, without Control's Foundation Expansion. You'll also see your reward for doing so. Full text-based guide:
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e board Show less Read more 7 months ago 84 84 Reply View reply Hide reply Show more replies Mister Jack 7 months ago • OK so Cat 04, you don't start at the Collapsed Department, you start at Transit Access and head west and then north until you reach the higher exit out on to to the Crossroads canyon on the LEFT/WEST to reach the ledge. It's the exit after an inscription room. From there you can reach the higher ledges shown in the video. Show less Read more 7 months ago 74 74 Reply View 6 replies Hide 6 replies Show more replies Heha Direx 7 months ago (edited) • The elevator puzzle... You can stop the elevator to destroy the corruption. Just press square/X at the elevator control panel, and circle/B?. Than again start and stop, until all destroyed.
2020/11/21 23:23