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Summary | 9 Annotations
On their face, Uber and Lyft are not so different
2019/04/15 09:02
However, Uber lets you have additional "saved places," in case there's anywhere else you often go. Either way, your favorite places are a little harder to find on Lyft
2019/04/15 09:03
When I checked the prices for this quick cross-borough ride, Uber was less expensive by a few dollars for both the shared-ride and standard ride options.
2019/04/15 09:04
But when I tried during rush hour on a weekday, Lyft was slightly less expensive than Uber
2019/04/15 09:09
While both allow you to call vehicles equipped with car seats, only only Uber has the option to order wheelchair-accessible rides.
2019/04/15 09:16
the most stark difference to me were Uber's safety measures. While both apps allow you to share your location with family and friends, Uber also has options in the app to call 911 and share your location and trip details with authorities, should the worst occur.
2019/04/15 09:20
Uber recently implemented a rewards program similar to that of Starbucks: Every time you ride, you earn points, which can be used for credit towards yet more rides. Lyft doesn't have such a program, but I've found I frequently get promos from Lyft
2019/04/15 09:20
Both apps recently implemented subscription services to pay for rides ahead of time
2019/04/15 09:24
The drivers I spoke to all said they prefer driving with Uber over Lyft in New York, simply because they get more rides from more customers
2019/04/15 09:25