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Summary | 5 Annotations
Smart phones  and the internet not only keep you in touch with family and friends, but digital wealth is quickly becoming the future of financial plann
2019/07/18 15:23
Technology has streamlined nearly every aspect of our lives, especially personal finance. With the tap of a button, consumers can update beneficiaries on investment accounts, check their portfolios, and read financial statements. It’s not surprising that the boomer generation will quickly adopt these solutions due to the complexity in their lives, including mixed families, supporting children and parents, and trying to enjoy their own lives. 
2019/07/18 15:24
Fitbits are a great analogy. Like financial technology, it presents point-of-time decision making reminders to change behavior and increase productivity. If I missed my daily step goals on Fitbit, for example, it might prompt me to go for a walk around my neighborhood late in the day. This mindset hasn’t been fully realized in the financial space, but will. If a financial app or technology portal closely tracks my spending behaviors, you bet it will make me second-guess that splurge at the mall.
2019/07/18 15:24
That said, technology will increase the reliance on traditional financial advisors. The abundance of personal financial data available to consumers will ultimately leave them with more questions on their individual situations, thus sparking the need for professional advice. My favorite analogy is WebMD, which didn’t eliminate the need for doctors. It presents you with all of the possible scenarios related to your symptoms and, more often than not, causes you to quickly draw conclusions (often incorrectly) on your health issue.
2019/07/18 15:24
Boomer: How are the boomer generations investing behaviors impacting the advisory industry?
2019/07/18 15:24