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Summary | 9 Annotations
But in years to come, will interior designers be replaced by clever robots who can conjure up our dream schemes and know us better than we even know ourselves?
2017/08/14 02:20
"color-matching" services
2017/08/14 02:22
Paint New Happiness system, which allows you to connect to artificial intelligence that will trawl through your social media profiles, analyzing posts, pictures, and "moods" while harvesting personal data such as your age in order to design "the perfect palette of color for your life stage."
2017/08/14 02:23
Odor-less Aircare—a new anti-pollution paint
2017/08/14 02:23
the Laser Egg, a cutting edge device that monitors indoor air quality accessible via your smart phone.
2017/08/14 02:24
2017/08/14 02:25
Customized Wall Decor
2017/08/14 02:26
but in the future, we might not need to apply anything to our walls in order to change their appearance (renters rejoice!).
2017/08/14 02:26
"self-aware skyscrapers capable of adaptively regulating their interior atmospheres based on the external environment."
2017/08/14 02:28