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Cai Shijing
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HSBC - 2020 / 2021 You have been invited to our online Job Simulation assessment
Dear SHIJING, Thank you for completing the Online Immersive Assessment for the position of Markets & Securities Services - Quantitative Finance - Summer Associate Programme (UK - London). Well done, you have been selected to take part in the next st
Raphael Fua (über Moodle Course)
401-4657-00L 2020W: Set 11, ex1
401-4657-00L 2020W » Foren » New Forum: Post your questions here » Set 11, ex1 Set 11, ex1 von Raphael Fua - Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2021, 12:56 Hello, In the correction, we use the function "blsprice" to get the true price of the call option.
Emir Nairi (über Moodle Course)
401-4657-00L 2020W: Norm for the growth condition
401-4657-00L 2020W » Foren » New Forum: Post your questions here » Norm for the growth condition Norm for the growth condition von Emir Nairi - Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2021, 01:42 Hello, I have some question regarding the page 228 of the lectur
WICHTIGE ERINNERUNG (Sessionsprüfungen: Abmeldung) - - IMPORTANT REMINDER (Session Exams: Deregistration)
***English version below*** Dieses E-Mail erhalten ALLE Studierenden und Doktorierenden, die für mindestens eine Sessionsprüfung (Wintersession 2020/21) angemeldet sind. Liebe Studierende Liebe Doktorierende Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie sich b
Geilinger Nina
Re: 答复: 答复: 答复: social media project
周二 12:01
Hi Shijing, It is absolutely fine if you do not have time anymore, thank you for your great work in the last two months. Good luck with your thesis and job search! Best wishes Nina Von: Cai Shijing <> Datum: Montag, 11. Jan
EMEA Campus Recruitment
UPDATE: J.P. Morgan Applied AI & ML - Technical Screen Interview Invitation | Monday 18th January
周二 10:21
Hi Shijing, Last night we have sent you an invitation to our technical screen event. We understand the sign up link was not active. The link has now been adjusted, please try to register again. Apologies for any inconvenience caused here. Please
Bachelard Cyril
RE: R functions on dataspace
周一 21:49
Hi Shijing, thank you for your CV and for downloading the article! I didn’t know it would be in Chinese ☺. Thank you very much for offering to translate but no need. I will check for dates to do an internal presentation and come back to you. Chee
EMEA QA AIML Campus Recruitment
J.P. Morgan Applied AI & ML - Technical Screen Interview Invitation | Monday 18th January
周一 18:35
Hi Shijing, We are pleased to inform you that we would like to invite you to the Corporate & Investment Bank - Applied AI & Machine Learning - Technical Screen on Monday 18th January. Please note, the Technical Screen will be held virtually over zoom
[PAI2020] Update on the exam
周一 1/11
Dear Students, Due to the current pandemic situation, we are exceptionally planning an additional exam for the course Probabilistic Artificial Intelligence in the summer session 2021. This will serve as 1) a repetition exam opportunity for those of yo
Bachelard Cyril
RE: R functions on dataspace
周一 1/11
Hi Shijing, thank you for your thesis and for sending the additional paper. January 26th, 11am would work fine for me for the presentation. I’m not sure if I told you before, but you could also present your work before our research team if you want to
Greenaway, Lauren
MS Application Update
周日 1/10
Hi, I hope you’re well, Following on from your interviews with the cross assets team they would like to progress your application to the next stage. I wanted to check in to ensure you were still interested in the interview process for this team. The
Zurich Quantitative Finance Alumni
Invitation General Assembly 2021
周六 1/9
View this email in your browser Dear Shijing, All ZQFA members are welcome to join the general assembly which will be held on the 28 January, 2021 on Zoom due to the current COVID-19 measures! You can join at the following link: Zoo
Exam information and old exams available on the course webpage
周五 1/8
Dear all, I wish you a happy new year! There is some information on the exam including old exams and information on the environment including an obfuscated preview of the jupyter notebook you will have on exam day on the course webpage (as you will
Huatai Securities "123" Overseas Student Carnival Invitation
周五 1/8
Hi, Shijing Cai Hope this message finds you well. This is Chen Yushan, Recruiting Head from Huatai Securities Co. Ltd, and with all due respect would like to connect with you. We sincerely invite you to participate in the Huatai Securities' "1
HSBC - 2020 / 2021 Online Assessment First Reminder
周四 1/7
Dear SHIJING, Further to our recent email to you inviting you to take the online test for the position of Markets & Securities Services - Quantitative Finance - Summer Associate Programme (UK - London), we note that to date you have not yet completed t
Withholding tax 2021 - your duty of cooperation
周四 1/7
Dear Ms Cai The revised Federal Act on the Revision of Withholding Tax on Employment Income, along with various amendments to ordinances based on this act, enters into force on 1 January 2021. From that point, all income from all employers and all r
Bachelard Cyril
FW: R functions on dataspace
周四 1/7
Hi Shijing, Happy new year! Hope you had a good start. We finally formulated a job description for the research position I told you about and put it online: Did y
Geilinger Nina
Re: 答复: 答复: social media project
周三 1/6
Hi Shijing Thank you for the explanation. I also think that manual checks will be too time-intensive. We might think about checking a subsample, and see how many wrong matches are made to get an idea about the severity of mistakes. I will check with m
Rothfuss Jonas
[PAI2020] Project grades
周三 1/6
Dear student, You receive this email because you have signed in to the project server ( of the Probabilistic Artificial Intelligence (PAI) course. If you have not submitted any project solutions and have no intention to take t
HSBC - 2020 / 2021 You have been invited to an Online Immersive Assessment
周三 1/6
Dear SHIJING, Thank you for your application to HSBC, we are pleased to confirm that you have successfully met our initial screening criteria for the position of Markets & Securities Services - Quantitative Finance - Summer Associate Programme (UK - Lo
Bartnik, Agata
RE: Schedule for Quantitative Finance Off-cycle Intern Interview
周二 1/5
Hi Shijing, I’m pleased to confirm your interview as follows: Date: Thursday, 14th January Time: 11:00- 11:45 Time zone: UK time Location: Phone Interviewer: Arj Sharma Your interview will draw on the experience and details noted in your appl
Brune Hilde
Work sheet 12/2020
周二 1/5
Dear Shijing, dear Franziska, Did you work for us in December 2020? If so, please forward the time sheet to my hands by putting (cc) the responsibles in our team If not, please also let me know With best wishes for 2021 Hilde. Hil
Liu Yang
Re: 答复: social media project
周二 1/5
Hi Nina, I just examined Yuanhao's code in detail and figured out the matching rule. Following is the code snippet for company matching, which starts from line 68 of, please see my explanations red: def get_html(self, query):
Mangold Philippe
Re: Assignment 3
Understood, thank you for the information. Best, Philippe ________________________________ From: Cai Shijing Sent: 02 January 2021 17:56:44 To: Mangold Philippe Subject: 答复: Assignment 3 Dear Mr. Mangold, Thank you for asking. I did
Mangold Philippe
Assignment 3
Good evening, wishing you a very happy 2021! Can I please check: I was grading the Assignment 3 and I was not able to find yours; in case you did hand it in, would you mind resending? Would like to ensure nothing is getting missed out on. Apologies
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