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Summary | 9 Annotations
"Global University Employability Survey,"
2016/11/24 06:21
10. University of Tokyo, Japan
2016/11/24 06:49
The leading research institution has a staff-to-student ratio of just seven, one of the lowest of any university on the list.
2016/11/24 06:52
4. University of Cambridge, UK
2016/11/24 06:54
5. Stanford University, California, US
2016/11/24 06:53
known for its entrepreneurial spirit and has become closely associated with the Silicon Valley tech hub.
2016/11/24 06:53
2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
2016/11/24 06:55
The fourth-oldest-surviving university in the world houses 150 faculties across six schools
2016/11/24 06:54
It lays claim to 85 Nobel laureates and 58 National Medal of Science winners
2016/11/24 06:55