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No amount of washi tape is going to fix this. Maybe we have something else that will do?

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Summary | 6 Annotations
You can refinish or reupholster anything.”
2019/06/19 13:20
Just because something’s meant for outside doesn’t mean it can’t live indoors.
2019/06/19 13:22
Something this great wouldn’t look as special if it had a match.”
2019/06/19 13:23
For a money-saving shopping trick, split sets
2019/06/19 13:24
Recycle a duvet for a “Pet Lounge,” a cushion for your favorite canine or feline.
2019/06/19 13:32
Upgrade with trim. Whether it’s used on an off-the-floor sofa or a plain lampshade or curtains, adding trim elevates and personalizes the ordinary.
2019/06/19 13:32