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Summary | 6 Annotations
The travel company analysed millions of user-written reviews to find out which company offers the best experience for its customers — and the Middle Eastern airline came out on top. 
2017/04/13 13:14
A couple of our readers, Owen and Rory, documented their experience for Business Insider during a recent trip on board an Emirates A380.
2017/04/13 13:14
Middle Eastern airline's first and business class passengers can relax in one of the Emirates lounges before boarding
2017/04/13 13:15
outside. First class on an Emirates Airbus A380 only has 14 seats, so the service is tailored to each individual.
2017/04/13 13:15
you can book a slot in one of two onboard showers and spas. The room has heated flooring and each passenger is given five minutes of running water during their 30-minute session
2017/04/13 13:16
Soft drinks are provided in an automated mini-bar...
2017/04/13 13:17