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Summary | 8 Annotations
no one really believes America’s poor are better off than its wealthy.
2017/08/08 09:22
up to 79 percent of previous studies, poverty was positively associated with mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.  The connection isn’t simple, but it’s obvious that money makes it easy to satisfy the basic needs of living,
2017/08/08 09:22
This frustration is a far cry from the stereotypical wealthy patient who can’t tolerate minor difficulties because he is accustomed to being given everything he wants.
2017/08/08 09:23
Intimacy, for example, is equally difficult for rich and poor alike.
2017/08/08 09:23
his wealthy patients were slow to trust people, and did not always prioritize intimacy—which can exact a steep emotional cost, damaging long-term relationships and hobbling new ones
2017/08/08 09:23
it’s difficult to develop trust if you’re concerned that the people you are close to may take advantage of you
2017/08/08 09:23
recent data suggests that the young children of America’s wealthy families may be worse off than those of the poor. One study of American teens showed that higher wealth and status was actually associated with lower emotional well-being—in other words, wealthy children described their lives as less happy than the children of the poor.
2017/08/08 09:25
A well-documented 2016 study found that people with high-status, prestigious jobs show higher rates of treatment-resistant depression than their lower-wage colleagues
2017/08/08 09:37