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Summary | 9 Annotations
Japan's charaben culture
2017/03/20 15:35
mothers often slice the ends of hot dogs into the splayed legs of an octopus, adding eyes from tiny pieces of dried seaweed.
2017/03/20 15:36
Tomomi Maruo is considered the queen of "charaben" -- charater bento boxes. Over the past 13 years, she has become renowned for her realistic portrayals of famous figures, such as Barack Obama, in the boxes.
2017/03/20 15:38
why has kawaii cuisine taken off in Japan -- and why do adults embrace the trend as much as children?
2017/03/20 15:38
The answer, it seems, lies in the heritage of a cuisine that has for centuries been eaten with the eyes as much as the mouth.
2017/03/20 15:39
Today, kawaii has been well integrated with the traditional aesthetic codes that guide the presentation of all Japanese cuisine -- small separated portions, contrasts of color and shape, and reminders of the season.
2017/03/20 15:40
In Japanese culture, emotions are often not openly expressed, and while it's possible to say "I love you", to many it just feels awkward
2017/03/20 15:41
One way for mothers to express love for their children is with the daily bento box.
2017/03/20 15:41
Considered the queen of charaben in Japan, Tomomi Maruo has been honing her craft for 13 years. She runs character bento classes and posts how-to videos on her YouTube channel, where Maruo has about 3,000 followers.
2017/03/20 15:41