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Commercial property a key risk for banks

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Summary | 16 Annotations
commercial property markets
2020/04/12 03:30
t "is looking ugly
2020/04/12 03:33
valuations falling sharply
2020/04/12 03:33
"was facing challenging conditions due to weak consumer spending and heightened competition
2020/04/12 03:33
n office markets - which had been strong - are set to deteriorate
2020/04/12 03:33
r investors with high debt levels.
2020/04/12 03:34
t could be difficult to finalise sales at a profitable price
2020/04/12 03:35
developers ho
2020/04/12 03:35
a key risk for lenders."
2020/04/12 03:35
nd 6 per cent o
2020/04/12 03:36
are particularly active in lending for the construction of commercial property, including apartments.
2020/04/12 03:36
e retail trade, food and accommodation services, agricultural and construction sectors."
2020/04/12 03:38
one-quarter of businesses typically do not have enough liquid assets to cover one month of expenses (including wages) and closer to half could not pay for three months of expenses
2020/04/12 03:39
in the annual business exit rat
2020/04/12 03:39
nd 8 per cent to 9.5 per cent."
2020/04/12 03:39
ra 35,000 businesses eithe
2020/04/12 03:40