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Summary | 6 Annotations
I’ve read about topics ranging from Buddhism to business, philosophy to physics, and writers ranging from feminists to pick-up artists (and even Trump’s “Art of The Deal.”) I’ve read old books, new books, books with illustrations and fancy charts, a lot of books from which I got nothing and I handful of books I still love. 90% of this was non-fiction
2018/04/02 07:07
Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk wrote a fantastic piece on this, pointing out:“How many books from these ‘experts’ do you need to read before you can actually do something? You can only read so much and at some point, you just have to do. Stop being a student.”
2018/04/02 07:09
If you’re reading for growth, read to get answers on specific questions
2018/04/02 07:10
My top recommendations
2018/04/02 07:10
For management
2018/04/02 07:11
For work
2018/04/02 07:11