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401(k) as woefully insufficient to meet the needs of American retirees.
2019/07/15 15:14
a 401(k) do so through what is known as a "defined contribution" program. This is by far the most common form of the program, in which you (the employee) dedicate a portion of your paycheck toward your retirement account. Some employers will run what is known as an "employer match" program. This means
2019/07/15 15:14
employer offers a matching contribution, always take them up on it.
2019/07/15 15:14
Your retirement budgeting should be an active part of your financial life. This is something you should look at and consider on a regular basis, particularly since you will want to increase your contributions as you get older. The sweet spot will be if you can get to age 50 with enough room in the budget to start taking advantage of those catch-up contribution tax breaks.
2019/07/15 15:15