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China’s reserves of foreign exchange dropped to under $3trn in January, the lowest level in nearly six years.
2017/02/11 13:41
Market jitters about the future of the euro zone helped push the spread on yields of French, Greek and Italian bonds over that of German bunds to recent highs.
2017/02/11 13:42
A federal court blocked the $48bn merger of Anthem and Cigna, two giant health insurers, on antitrust grounds.
2017/02/11 13:43
Uber hired a former engineer at NASA, Mark Moore, to help develop its flying-taxi division,
2017/02/11 13:44
BP said it needed the price of a barrel of oil to rise to $60 by the end of the year in order for it to break even (Brent crude has not traded at $60 since mid-2015). The oil company reported a headline loss of almost $1bn for last year
2017/02/11 13:44
In any case, the arrival of Uber in a city can have a more profound effect than just making everyday life easier or increasing productivity, as people spend less time searching for a ride.
2017/03/16 12:55
recent paper by Carl Benedikt Frey of Oxford University found that when Uber sets up shop in an American town, taxi drivers’ earnings fall by 10%,
2017/03/16 12:55
the number of self-employed drivers rose by an estimated 50%.
2017/03/16 12:55