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Actually we have been testing containerd with the runc version that is defined
in vendor.conf rather than the one defined in (`script/setup/install-runc`).

This commit makes sure that the revision defined in vendor.conf is always the desired one.

Signed-off-by: Akihiro Suda <>
4 contributors
25 lines (15 sloc) 1.27 KB

containerd is built with OCI support and with support for advanced features provided by runc.

We depend on a specific runc version when dealing with advanced features. You should have a specific runc build for development. The current supported runc commit is described in vendor.conf. Please refer to the line that starts with

For more information on how to clone and build runc see the runc Building documentation.

Note: before building you may need to install additional support, which will vary by platform. For example, you may need to install libseccomp e.g. libseccomp-dev for Ubuntu.


From within your opencontainers/runc repository run:


make BUILDTAGS='seccomp apparmor' && sudo make install


make BUILDTAGS='seccomp selinux' && sudo make install

After an official runc release we will start pinning containerd support to a specific version but various development and testing features may require a newer runc version than the latest release. If you encounter any runtime errors, please make sure your runc is in sync with the commit/tag provided in this document.

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specific runc version when dealing with advanced features
2020/07/27 09:49