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Summary | 7 Annotations
It’s important to read books, but it is just as important to remember what you read and put it to good use.
2018/03/19 03:03
, I’d like to share three reading comprehension strategies
2018/03/19 03:04
First, if I am listening to an audiobook then I create a new note for that book and type my notes in as I listen. My preference is to listen to audiobooks on 1.25x speed and then press pause whenever I want to write something down
2018/03/19 03:04
Typing notes while reading a print book can be annoying because you are always putting the book down and picking it back up. I like to place the book on a book stand, which makes it much easier to type out a long quote or keep my hands free while reading.
2018/03/19 03:04
knowledge is not separated into neatly defined boxes. Topics overlap and bleed into one another. All knowledge is interconnected.
2018/03/19 03:04
I try to consider how the book I’m reading connects with all of the ideas that are already knocking around inside my head
2018/03/19 03:05
Forcing yourself to connect ideas helps you realize that there is no single way of looking at the world
2018/03/19 03:05