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Summary | 5 Annotations
This bottlenose dolphin knows both the freedom of living in the open ocean and the hopelessness of being trapped inside an aquarium's tiny pool. That may be why she just did something unthinkable,
2016/10/09 07:04
she had been handed a sentence that was arguably even worse — to spend the remainder of her life breeding and performing as a living exhibit in the Nagoya aquarium.
2016/10/09 07:05
Though the exact cause of the newborn dolphin's death is unclear, Laura Bridgeman, from the International Marine Mammal Project, says that captivity itself is likely to blame — raising the possibility that it was an act of mercy on the part of Lulu, knowing what awaited her.
2016/10/09 07:06
Or it could be that Lulu did not want her child to endure the endless pain and suffering of captivity."
2016/10/09 07:06
We may never know for certain the rationale behind Lulu's actions, but regardless, the death rate among infant dolphins is much higher in captivity. That's reason enough to empty the tanks
2016/10/09 07:07