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Summary | 5 Annotations
Tate Britain is to hold its first Vincent van Gogh exhibition since a 1947 show that was so wildly popular that the gallery’s floors were damaged.
2018/11/06 02:21
Over 157,000 people came to the show, including the Queen. Newspapers compared the scenes with the queues outside food stores during rationing – “And now they queue to see paintings”
2018/11/06 02:22
The exhibition will tell the story of the young Vincent, an economic migrant who lived in London between 1873-76 as a trainee art dealer. He lodged in Brixton and fell in love with the city, walking everywhere.
2018/11/06 02:22
Closer to home will be the loan by the National Gallery of one of its superstars, Sunflowers 1888, one of only four paintings by Van Gogh of the subject which still exist.
2018/11/06 02:22
Sunflowers will be shown at Tate Britain alongside British artwork inspired by it, including paintings by artists including Christopher Wood, Jacob Epstein and Frank Brangwyn.
2018/11/06 02:23