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Summary | 7 Annotations
Venezuela held a highly contentious vote Sunday to create a new legislative body that supersedes others, including the opposition-led National Assembly. The National Constituent Assembly (ANC), will have the power to rewrite the constitution and is almost certain to solidify dictator Nicolas Maduro's power — at least for the moment.
2017/08/05 06:25
Maduro is widely unpopular for overseeing an economic collapse during his four years in office and for undermining democracy generally.
2017/08/05 06:26
Protesters have taken to the streets and clashed with government forces in running street battles for months. More than 10 deaths were reported Sunday
2017/08/05 06:26
The U.S. took things a step further Monday after the Treasury Department officially sanctioned Madurohimself. Those sanctions in turn increase the likelihood of the U.S. targeting Venezuela's oil sector,
2017/08/05 06:26
A crash in oil prices that started in late 2014 made things worse. The International Monetary Fund currently expects Venezuela's inflation rate to rise by a crippling 720 percent this year.
2017/08/05 06:27
The sanctions are a very delicate topic because they are a double-edged sword," Bahar said. If the U.S. places sanctions on Venezuela's oil business, "then a lot of people will suffer."
2017/08/05 06:27
that such measures would further restrict the flow of capital into the country and could exacerbate an already dire humanitarian crisis.
2017/08/05 06:28