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Summary | 5 Annotations
Since January, at least 167 North Pacific gray whales have washed ashore dead from Mexico to Alaska
2019/07/01 14:24
gray whales, which can reach 49 feet in length and weigh 45 tons, are known for their curiosity about boats and friendliness toward people
2019/07/01 14:25
Now, not only do some of the adults seem to be malnourished as they pass by on their return trip to the Arctic, but we are also seeing about one-third fewer calves than we did in last year’s count.
2019/07/01 14:26
Perhaps the gray whale population — now estimated to be about 27,000, a quarter of what it was when commercial whaling peaked in the mid-1800s — simply exceeded the ocean’s capacity to support them this year.
2019/07/01 14:27
projected that for every 1.8 degree increase in ocean temperature, there is an associated 5 percent drop in the total mass of sea animals.
2019/07/01 14:27