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Summary | 7 Annotations
One of Cairo’s poorest neighbourhoods and home to the city’s rubbish collectors, Manshiyat Naser is the unlikely canvas on which French-Tunisian artist eL Seed chose to paint “Perception”, a sprawling mural spanning more than 50 buildings
2017/05/17 06:37
“I thought these people were living in the garbage, when actually they were living from the garbage,” says eL Seed. “I got this switch of perception and realised that I was wrong…Sometimes when you want to see someone’s real face you just have to change the angle.”
2017/05/17 06:38
To the artist, it means that “if you want to judge anybody, you must first wipe away the dirt from your eyes, all the misconceptions that you have about somebody,
2017/05/17 06:38
Perception” took more than a year to plan and a month to paint
2017/05/17 06:38
He painted freehand, from a single photograph over which he had sketched the design. His friends used rollers and acrylic paint to fill the shapes he outlined,
2017/05/17 06:39
But in recent years, calligraphy has begun to fire the imagination of a new generation of young artists who are striving to create street art with an Arab identity. They ignore the rules of traditional calligraphy, instead combining its unique visual language with the conventions of graffiti.
2017/05/17 06:40
In the Syrian town of Kafranbel, people use calligraphy as part of their struggle against the jihadists of Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, using Twitter to post pictures of messages they have written.
2017/05/17 06:40