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Release v0.37.0 · google/cadvisor


dashpole released this on Jul 7 · 25 commits to master since this release

  • Add on-demand collection for prometheus metrics
  • Fix detection of image filesystem
  • Fix disk metrics for devicemapper devices
  • Add NVM Power and NVM, Dimm, memory information to machine info
  • Fix detection of OOM Kills on 5.0 linux kernels
  • Add support for perf core and uncore event monitoring
  • Add hugetlb container metrics
  • Split into multiple go modules
  • Add referenced memory metrics
  • Publish images to gcr.io/cadvisor instead of gcr.io/google_containers
  • Add socket id to numa topology in machine info
  • Add resource control (Resctlr) metrics

Docker Image: N/A
gcr.io Image: gcr.io/cadvisor/cadvisor:v0.37.0

SHA256: 4f4aeee957e64c5ccccefb12c6b4dec283fb307fa420c864ebabfcfd9d6ce051

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Summary | 4 Annotations
socket id to numa topology
2020/08/26 09:41
resource control
2020/08/26 09:41
hugetlb container metrics
2020/08/26 09:41
perf core and uncore event monitoring
2020/08/26 09:41