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Summary | 8 Annotations
The typical American family had a net worth of $97,300 in 2016, up 16 percent from 2013 after adjusting for inflation,
2017/09/28 03:01
The Richest Control More Wealth
2017/09/28 03:02
The richest 1 percent of households controlled 38.6 percent of total wealth in 2016, up from 36.3 percent in 2013.
2017/09/28 03:02
Wednesday’s data, from the Federal Reserve’s triennial Survey of Consumer Finances, shows the strength of the economic rebound in recent years, but also just how large a hole the recession left in many households’ finances.
2017/09/28 03:02
A Boom, but for Whom?
2017/09/28 03:04
Households have made significant progress in one area: debt.
2017/09/28 03:05
Moreover, fewer Americans report being late on debt payments, filing for bankruptcy or taking out high-interest payday loans.
2017/09/28 03:06
One type of debt is still rising, however: student loans. More than 22 percent of families reported having education debt in 2016, up from 15 percent before the recession. The median borrower owed $19,000.
2017/09/28 03:06