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Summary | 5 Annotations
Rodić Davidson Architects has transformed a pair of artists' studios that may once have belonged to JMW Turner into a lofty family home in London
2019/08/22 03:47
It is named Turners Studio as a blue plaque on the side of the building suggests that these particular studios were occupied by the painter between 1811 and 1829,
2019/08/22 03:48
High, sloping ceilings and large skylights allow natural light to flood the interior
2019/08/22 03:49
Everything above ground was removed to create a single space of significant volume and filled with light,"
2019/08/22 03:49
The new basement floor doubles the floor area of the original two properties, creating plenty of space for a master bedroom, two children's bedrooms, a playroom and bathrooms.
2019/08/22 03:49