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Cittaslow - Wikipedia

Cittaslow is an organisation founded in Italy and inspired by the slow food movement. Cittaslow's goals include improving the quality of life in towns by slowing down its overall pace, especially in a city's use of spaces and the flow of life and traffic through them.[1] Cittaslow is part of a cultural trend known as the slow movement.

Cittaslow International
Città Slow.jpg
Cittaslow logo
Motto International Network of Cities where living is good
Formation 15 October 1999 (19 years ago) (1999-10-15)
Headquarters Orvieto, Italy
Region served
192 (November 2014)
Honorary President
Paolo Saturnini
International President
Stefano Pisani
Secretary General
Pier Giorgio Oliveti
Affiliations Slow Food
Website www.cittaslow.org


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Summary | 7 Annotations
an organisation founded in Italy
2017/03/26 13:50
improving the quality of life in towns by slowing down its overall pace,
2017/03/26 13:51
2017/03/26 13:51
The first town in England to become a Cittaslow city was Ludlow; the first in Wales was Mold.[6] There are currently five towns in the UK that are members.[7]
2017/03/26 13:51
2017/03/26 13:51
 Germany Bad Schussenried, Berching, Bischofsheim, Blieskastel, Deidesheim, Hersbruck, Lüdinghausen, Nördlingen, Penzlin, Überlingen, Waldkirch, Wirsberg 12
2017/03/26 13:53
 United States Fairfax CA, Sebastopol CA, Sonoma CA 3
2017/03/26 13:53