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Summary | 5 Annotations
in the middle of rockefeller center, jeff koons has installed a 45-foot-high inflatable nylon sculpture
2017/05/22 02:18
the larger-than-life ‘seated ballerina’ — scaled up from the artist’s ‘antiquity’ series — symbolically refers to themes of beauty and connectivity
2017/05/22 02:18
as she gazes down at passers-by, the delicate dancer mirrors the surrounding urban landscape and engages with each viewer as they approach.
2017/05/22 02:19
with the idea of ‘reflectivity’ in mind, the installation seeks to raise awareness of national missing children’s month this may, in an effort to support organizations like the international centre for missing & exploited children.
2017/05/22 02:19
seated ballerina at rockefeller center offers a sense of affirmation and excitement to the viewer to reach their potential.
2017/05/22 02:20