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Summary | 7 Annotations
Solo travel is growing in popularity.
2017/09/22 03:08
solo travelers are still a niche minority as most travelers prefer to go in couples or groups.
2017/09/22 03:08
You’ll learn to organize your finances.
2017/09/22 03:09
Watch your own back because you’re the only one responsible for your safety. In fact, you might be the only person on the continent who cares whether you live or die!
2017/09/22 03:10
You’ll also learn cross-linguistic communication.
2017/09/22 03:14
When you see how big the world is and the magnanimity of its people, it’ll make you realize how diverse the world is. Strangely, this makes you both more humble and confident.
2017/09/22 03:16
But, traveling alone accelerates your emotional and mental growth in a way that no other activity can. It makes you more open, agreeable and stable. It gives you a story and it makes you wise.
2017/09/22 03:16