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A Brief History of Women in Art (article)

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Summary | 11 Annotations
From antiquity onwards, only a small sample of women found their way into the tales of the greatest artists. Even then, they were often described as unusually talented women who overcame the limitations
2020/05/30 22:11
women were systematically excluded from the records of art history
2020/05/30 22:11
number of factors
2020/05/30 22:11
2020/05/30 22:11
craft a
2020/05/30 22:11
2020/05/30 22:11
social shifts
2020/05/30 22:13
 many women artists currently address personal and transnational issues of identity
2020/05/30 22:15
bring racist stereotypes to light.
2020/05/30 22:15
f lesbian sexuality
2020/05/30 22:16
female art” but rather that art shapes and is shaped by culture, that it conveys cultural ideas about beauty, gender, and power, and that it can be a powerful tool to question issues of race, class, and identity.
2020/05/30 22:19