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Summary | 4 Annotations
ake-out coffee and bottled water symbolise both the luxury and the waste of the early 21st century.
2018/01/08 02:20
Greenpeace estimates that as much as half of the plastics Britain sends to China will be unacceptable.
2018/01/08 02:20
Friday, MPs on the environmental audit committee – which last month called for a deposit scheme for plastic bottles – produced another shocking report about the impact of take-out coffee cups. They want a 25p levy applied to the 2.5bn cups used each year to pay for the recycling, which is possible but complex. And if that fails, then the MPs suggest throwaway cups should be banned altogether.
2018/01/08 02:22
. Deposits on plastic drinks bottles and a levy on takeaway cups are a start. They tackle the problem at the sharp end, and make us more aware of the costs of our habits.
2018/01/08 02:23