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Summary | 5 Annotations
The first change is that the dock can now be filled with a bunch of apps — making it look and function like the dock on your iMac.
2017/06/08 02:06
a new app switcher, which essentially brings “windows” to iPad. When activated, you can see (and switch between) each window you are working on
2017/06/08 02:07
drag-and-drop functionality throughout iOS 11. For example, you can drag a URL or Photo from Safari into a mail message
2017/06/08 02:07
launching a new app called Files, which brings desktop-style file management to iPad.
2017/06/08 02:07
Of course, it is also a not-so-subtle acknowledgment that as great as the simplicity of mobile is, sometimes we just need desktop-level features like a file system and windows.
2017/06/08 02:08