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Summary | 7 Annotations
But having worked for eight companies since he was 18, Brunelle has now been without a full-time job for about eight months. His 50th birthday came and went in May. He tries to stay cheerful, but he’s tired, and he voted for Donald Trump.
2016/11/12 05:12
It is with the support of voters such as Brunelle, who feel belittled rather than empowered by globalisation,
2016/11/12 05:12
Some jobs at Brunelle’s plant were moved out of state and others went overseas, he said. Brunelle lost his position, which paid him $70,000 a year.
2016/11/12 05:16
But then Water Star was bought by Tennant, a commercial cleaning company from Minnesota, which wanted the technology for its floor scrubbers. Brunelle lost his job.
2016/11/12 05:17
Brunelle is a smart man. He knows the arguments in favor of globalisation,
2016/11/12 05:17
In the long term, maybe it is good for the world economy,” he said. “But we have to go down for the rest of them to go up. And it hurts.”
2016/11/12 05:17
David Brunelle.
2016/11/12 05:18