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'I'm surrounded by a princess, supermodels and a rockstar's progeny' – 50 years of the world's most glamorous island

It’s the 50th “birthday” of Mustique, the legendarily discreet island resort in St Vincent and the Grenadines Credit: GETTY

On a balmy July night, stars twinkling up above, the inspiring octogenarian Calypso Rose provides the first of the evening’s post-dinner entertainments. I’m on the dance-floor with a group of 14-year-olds, surrounded by a rock star’s prodigious offspring, an internationally famous artist, a supermodel, a couple of hedge-funders, two top art dealers, a supermarket heir, a European princess and a Formica kitchen magnate. 

Nearby, surveying his empire, stands Basil, eponymous creator of the famous bar. It’s the 50th “birthday” of Mustique, the legendarily discreet island resort in St Vincent and the Grenadines, where the world’s most wanted enjoy, if not total anonymity, than at least privacy. 

Earlier in the evening, I’d been introduced to our future king (I couldn’t possibly reveal which one) and his wife, who’d popped in for celebratory cocktails, leaving before the night’s more decadent festivities. If that seemed a bizarre encounter, it is nothing compared with the handsome Swedish biotech entrepreneur I’m seated next to at dinner, who tells me about his beloved, deceased German shepherd, its likeness immortalised in a huge gold pendant around his neck, and that he’s currently having cloned! 

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Summary | 4 Annotations
Basil's, Mustique's iconic wooden bar, is still packed with happy partygoers
2018/08/14 06:28
Villa Carissa
2018/08/14 06:29
On Mustique, the sun always shines, the service is impeccable and the most arduous task is navigating the privacy ensuring total lack of signage in your ubiquitous golf cart
2018/08/14 06:29
The five-bedroom Carissa villa is available through the Mustique Company (mustique-island.com) and costs from $25,500 (£22,800) a week.
2018/08/14 06:29