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Our 2016 Wishlist: Great Gift Ideas From the Editors of WIRED

38 essential gifts for giving, getting, and coveting this holiday season.

No matter who you're buying for---a music-lover or a musician, an aesthete or an athlete---we have gift ideas that will satisfy every need on your shopping list. Here are 38 essential gifts for giving, getting, and coveting this holiday season, all picked by WIRED's editors.

  • B&O Play Beoplay A1

    Bang & Olufsen’s aluminum-clad Beoplay A1 may be the smallest Bluetooth speaker in the company’s lineup, but it’s still plenty easy on the ears. Twin drivers deliver rich, room-filling sound, and the big battery provides 24 hours of portable playback. B&O Play Beoplay A1 | $249

    Image may contain Electrical Device and Microphone
    Joseph Shin
  • Impossible Project I-1 Analog Instant Camera

    Impossible Project’s shooter works like Polaroids of yore but does everything better, from the LED ring ash to the folding viewfinder that pops up with a push. Plus, the analog shareability of the instant photos that eject from the front is refreshingly retro. Impossible Project I-1 Analog Instant Camera | $299

    Image may contain Electronics and Camera
    Joseph Shin
  • Argent Coolmax Blazer

    Staying fresh under pressure is the secret to your success. Same deal with this jacket, which has a lot of hidden storage space for your gear. Mesh lining and airy, moisture-wicking fabric make summer subway rides more comfy, and you’ll still look sharp at the board meeting. Argent Coolmax Blazer | $298

    Joseph Shin
  • Knog Oi Bike Bell

    Your sleek road bike deserves better than that clunky hunk of a bike bell. Knog’s modern update to the ugly brass contraptions of old wraps around your handlebars like a bracelet. Give the plastic lever a flick and it’ll strike the curved aluminum chime, producing a harmonious ring that’s as pleasant as it is effective. Knog Oi Bike Bell | $20

    Joseph Shin
  • Vifa Copenhagen Loudspeaker

    Who says your party jams can’t be chic? Swaddled in high-quality Kvadrat wool, Vifa’s new wireless speaker looks as fabulous as it sounds. Plus, with its one-piece aluminum frame and integrated handle, you can boom this box anywhere without worrying about it going bust. Vifa Copenhagen Loudspeaker | $799

    Joseph Shin
  • District Vision Keiichi

    You make fashionable choices for your running shorts, so do the same with your eyewear. The lightweight frames on these running glasses have rubber-coated titanium temple tips and nose pads, for no-slip durability. Choose from a variety of tints on the lenses— maybe pick whatever matches your shoes. District Vision Keiichi | $199

    Joseph Shin
  • Leibal 11+ O-Fan

    It’s a bummer when the windows in your cube farm don’t slide open. Keep your cool with this pint-size fan. To power it, plug it into any USB port. Then precisely position the spherical fan on its cradle and enjoy the breeze. Leibal, 11+ O-Fan | $50

    Joseph Shin
  • Burberry Ribbed Sweater

    Prep for sweater weather with this fuzzy (and super-soft) mohair-blend crew neck. The form-hugging rib knit is sophisticated enough for office holiday parties but also keeps you cozified at chilly family gatherings. Burberry Ribbed Sweater | $550

    Joseph Shin
  • Monsieur de Chanel Men's Watch

    The first men’s watch from Chanel is unique inside and out—and will turn your wallet inside out. The hour is displayed in the window, and the large minute hand leaps from 60 all the way back to 0 at the end of each hour. The clear back reveals its stunning automatic innards.
    Monsieur de Chanel | $36,000

    Joseph Shin
  • Jaybird Freedom Wireless

    These Bluetooth sports earphones are your new workout pal: They look good, stay put when you’re dripping sweat, and sound like wired buds. They’ll keep you going until the four-hour battery runs out and maybe help shave 10 seconds off your mile.
    Jaybird Freedom Wireless | $199

    Joseph Shin
  • Leica M-D

    In this case, less really is more. Leica’s full-frame range finder produces stills of exceptional quality but lacks an LCD for reviewing your images. The setup forces you to stay in the decisive moment and worry about the results later. It’s a throwback to the days of film, giving you an extra rush of satisfaction when you found out that you did indeed get the perfect shot.
    Leica M-D | $5,995

    Joseph Shin
  • Stéphane Dufour Porsche 917 Gulf Sculpture

    OK, so you’ll never drive the famed Porsche 917 that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans. But thanks to artist Stéphane Dufour, you can push a minimalist 1⁄18-scale version of it around your coffee table.
    Stéphane Dufour Porsche 917 Gulf Sculpture | $550

    Joseph Shin
  • Popup Lighting Aluminum Deer Head LED

    Bring a little bit of the wilderness into your urban nest. This wall-mounted sconce is a doe by day and a buck by night, when you switch on the light. The aluminum head comes in several colorful finishes, but gold is best.
    Popup Lighting Aluminum Deer Head LED | $290

    Joseph Shin
  • Kodak Super 8 Camera

    The Super 8 camera gets a super-great redesign by Kodak and Yves Béhar. An LCD and rechargeable batteries provide modern comforts, but the 8’s beating heart remains the same: You can shoot on film without needing a Hollywood budget.
    Kodak Super 8 Camera | $2,000

    Joseph Shin
  • Craft Design Technology Scissors

    Featuring a design that’s equally functional for left- and right-handed users, these sleek, sharp, brushed stainless-steel wonders were inspired by the sword-forging artistry of Japan’s Gifu Prefecture. They may not win you any duels, but they’re a welcome addition to any desk drawer.
    Craft Design Technology Scissors | $80

    Joseph Shin
  • Stelton Cylinda Line Arne Jacobsen Teapot

    A reissue of an iconic design, this minimalist stainless-steel teapot comes from Danish design firm Stelton. Its sculpted handle and curved spout will bring some elegance to your kitchen. It might even make it OK that you’re having ramen again.
    Stelton Cylinda Line Arne Jacobsen Teapot | $268

    Joseph Shin
  • Victorinox Ranger Wood 55

    No need to feel like a brute when you’re slicing and dicing in the wild. The Ranger Wood’s gorgeous, rustic walnut knife has 10 implements—like a 3.9-inch locking blade and a 4.2-inch wood saw that will equip you for any job, anywhere.
    Victorinox Ranger Wood 55 | $90

    Joseph Shin
  • Awaglass Objet D’Art

    Most hourglasses track the time; this one helps you forget about it. Instead of sand, its glass, pear-sized chambers are filled with bubbles that pass back and forth in a mesmerizing pattern. Handy? Not so much. Beautiful? Without a doubt.
    Awaglass Objet D’Art | $75

    Joseph Shin
  • Apple Watch Edition

    The most distinctive smartwatch got an upgrade this year, making it faster, brighter, and easier to use. It also got decidedly more handsome. The ceramic case on Apple’s premium Edition version is a stark and cool white, and it comes paired with a matching white sport band. “Siri, set my watch to stun.”
    Apple Watch Edition | $1,299

    Joseph Shin
  • Menu Tumbler Alarm Clock

    The first thing you see in the morning shouldn’t be your phone’s screen— you’ll be looking at that thing plenty throughout the day. Trade your swipe-right alarm for a more playful one, the Tumbler. True to its name, you flip it on its face to silence the noise.
    Menu Tumbler Alarm Clock | $100

    Joseph Shin
  • Nanban: Japanese Soul Food

    MasterChef winner Tim Anderson shares his love of Japanese soul food in this beautiful cookbook laden with oishii, or delicious, recipes from Nanban, his pop-up London restaurant. Beginners need not fear: This American chef’s recipes are approachable whether you’re an udon noob or a ramen fiend.
    Nanban: Japanese Soul Food | $35

    Joseph Shin
  • Highland Park Dark Origins & Sixpoint Sköll

    Trend alert: Whisky makers and beer brewers are teaming up. Sixpoint crafted its dark and roasty Sköll ale to match Highland Park’s cherry-sweet Dark Origins whisky. The beer is a limited release, but you can find the whisky anywhere. Highland Park Dark Origins ($66) & Sixpoint Sköll (price varies)

    Joseph Shin
  • Pablo Uma Sound Lantern

    The best bedside items are multitaskers—you don’t want to be fiddling with stuff while trying to wind down. This combination speaker and lantern provides 360 degrees of sound and soft warm light that you can adjust to your liking with a few lazy finger flicks. Pablo Uma Sound Lantern | $479

    Joseph Shin
  • Pretty Much Everything

    Aaron James Draplin is a graphic designer for the everyman (he once accepted a challenge to create a logo, on the fly, by hand, on camera), and a prolific one at that. His new book is an unpretentious dossier of his inspiration, stories from the road, how-tos, words of advice, and, of course, a lot of logos. Pretty Much Everything | $40

    Joseph Shin
  • Prada Edward Robot Charm

    That old, beat-up keychain of yours still cracks your brew­skis just fine, but it doesn’t send much of a message. Let Prada’s little bot be your creative totem. He’s funky enough to match your sense of humor, but his appendages show that you’re not afraid of a soldering iron. Prada Edward Robot Charm | $260

    Joseph Shin
  • Vizio SmartCast P-Series

    Vizio’s high-end set doesn’t just do 4K, it does HDR too: Bright backlights and powerful local-dimming systems paint a gorgeous picture. Chromecast capability is built in, and your remote is an included Android tablet—use it to fling any video to the big screen. Vizio SmartCast P-Series | $1,000

    Joseph Shin
  • Sony PlayStation VR

    Sony’s VR headset has major crossover appeal. It’s reasonably priced and has some super-fun launch games. Most important, PS4 owners (and there are tens of millions of those) can just plug it in and start playing. Sony PlayStation VR | $400

    Joseph Shin
  • Google Home

    Here to out-gab Amazon’s Echo is Google’s Home, a 5.62-inch-tall speaker with its own AI voice assistant. Home does the simple stuff; play Spotify, tell jokes, help you with that pesto recipe. But it’s also a Google device, so it can add basil to your grocery list and tell you what’s on your calendar.
    Google Home | $129

    Joseph Shin
  • Mi Box

    This tiny set-top streamer runs the latest in Android TV, featuring lots of ways to fuel your next all-night binge. With 4K and HDR support, plus casting capabilities and a voice-powered Bluetooth remote, the Mi Box has the future of TV covered. Mi Box 4K Android TV | $69

    Joseph Shin
  • Vivobarefoot Primus

    Get closer to the pavement and that 5-minute mile you’ve been chasing with Vivobarefoot’s ultralight running flat. With unlined mesh uppers and a rubber sole just millimeters thick, this pitiless shoe allows you—well, forces you—to strengthen your foot muscles and run in a more natural way. Vivobarefoot Primus | $144

    Joseph Shin
  • Wilson Ultra 100

    If you’re the kind who plays to win, Wilson’s Ultra 100 is your racket. This carbon-fiber stick is easy to swing, but it serves up plenty of pop from the baseline as well as crisp control. The 100-square-inch head has a giant sweet spot, and it’s cushioned in a way that dampens vibrations, so your wrist won’t mind hours of practice. Wilson Ultra 100 | $199

    Joseph Shin
  • Phiaton BT 460

    Even if your phone does have a headphone jack, these wireless Phiaton cans are worth considering. The bass really bumps, yet the highs still sound impressively sharp. Go ahead and leave your phone in your pocket, because
    the touch-sensitive right ear cup lets you pause, skip tracks, and change the volume.
    Phiaton BT 460 | $199

    Joseph Shin
  • Aether Crosby Jacket

    The classic Atlantic peacoat gets Californicated by West Coast clothier Aether. The Crosby Jacket matches a thick all-wool shell with a removable PrimaLoft insulated liner, making it impervious to those wicked winds of the north. Gone are the pea’s chunky buttons—zip it up and the flap’s magnetic snaps click together to keep you cozy. Aether Crosby Jacket | $825

    Joseph Shin
  • Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 1

    Yeah, it looks like a Dalek, but the only thing B&O’s battery-powered speaker is programmed to exterminate is a bad party vibe. Stream to it wirelessly from your phone and the unique driver near the top spits sublime sound in 360 patio-filling degrees. At the peak of the cone sits a heavy control knob that feels sooo good to twist. Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 1 | $1,495

    Joseph Shin
  • Fitbit Charge 2

    Fitbit’s latest activity tracker took the advice of Roxette: It’s always listening to your heart. It also tracks your workouts, runs, and bike rides, counts your steps, and analyzes your sleep patterns. The Charge will even lead you through relaxation breathing when things get too intense at the office.
    Fitbit Charge 2 | $150

    Joseph Shin
  • Woodcut Memory Game

    Each of the 26 pairs of cards in this classic memory game is adorned with designs from Woodcut, the book by artist Bryan Nash Gill. His relief prints, made directly from crosscuts of real trees, expose the wonder and mystery hidden within the forest’s silent giants. Now if somebody could just expose where that other spruce-trunk card is hiding. Woodcut Memory Game | $25

    Joseph Shin
  • Korg Minilogue

    Do you synth? You should synth. Specifically, you should synth with this beautiful, surprisingly affordable analog polysynth from the bleep-bloop masters at Korg. It blends the tactile pleasure of knobs with a wood back and aluminum body. Just remember: Everything in modulation. Korg Minilogue | $500

    Joseph Shin
  • Hopsy HomeTap

    Pour some cold ones for the late-night crew from this mini keg fridge. The 2-liter growlers inside are filled by participating local breweries and delivered to you. The Krups-made HomeTap keeps the beer fresh for two weeks by locking out the suds-spoiling air. It’s like wine in a box, but way more hip.
    Hopsy HomeTap | $299

    Joseph Shin
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District Vision Keiichi
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You make fashionable choices for your running shorts, so do the same with your eyewear. The lightweight frames on these running glasses have rubber-coated titanium temple tips and nose pads
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Leibal 11+ O-Fan
2016/12/13 02:46