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Summary | 11 Annotations
2020/09/04 07:57
reactive auto scaling model
2020/09/04 07:58
Rapid spike in demand:
2020/09/04 08:03
Variable traffic patterns
2020/09/04 08:03
scale up — scale down oscillations.
2020/09/04 08:05
relatively predictable traffic patterns
2020/09/04 08:05
clearly spikes and troughs
2020/09/04 08:06
predict our capacity needs
2020/09/04 08:07
each step minimized to achieve best performance
2020/09/04 08:09
Amazon Auto Scaling (AAS)
2020/09/04 08:10
AAS serves as an excellent safety net for us
2020/09/04 08:11