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Summary | 11 Annotations
identities ‘constructed’
2020/05/28 09:17
transgress common preconceptions of identity
2020/05/28 09:17
expose the instability
2020/05/28 09:18
‘cultural displacement
2020/05/28 09:19
2020/05/28 09:20
t provides the
2020/05/28 09:20
indications of the process
2020/05/28 09:21
viewers’ responses are orchestrated by expectations mediated
2020/05/28 09:21
to construct and simultaneously deconstruct through the very act of recognition and complicity.
2020/05/28 09:22
the complicity between the cultural stereotypes of femininity and the viewer
2020/05/28 09:24
the process of the feminine as an effect, something acted upon.”
2020/05/28 09:25