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Summary | 6 Annotations
The value of the dollar has fallen steadily since the beginning of 2017, erasing a sharp rise immediately after President Trump’s election.
2017/07/21 03:26
The exchange rate is a price — the price of money.
2017/07/21 03:27
The winners are American companies that sell goods and services to foreigners
2017/07/21 03:28
It is important to put the recent decline into a broader context. Over the last six years, the dollar is still up about 28 percent.
2017/07/21 03:29
The value of the dollar, relative to other currencies, is supposed to reflect the strength of the American economy, relative to other countries.
2017/07/21 03:30
Recent administrations have focused instead on pressing other nations to stay out of the market.
2017/07/21 03:31